For anyone who has decided to build a home, choosing the right contractor is really the key to a successful project. It means getting the home you want at the price you had expected to pay, and it is often the difference between what can be an enjoyable experience or a nightmare.

About Big Island Homebuilders / Bobby, Inc.

With that in mind, here is some information about Big Island Homebuilders, how we work and some important details about our building process.

We are a contractor licensed by the State of Hawaii (license # BC-24551) and we abide by all the codes and regulations that contractors operate by. Some of these include:
• Following building codes related to hazards such as termites, hurricanes and earthquakes.
• Carrying general liability insurance and workers compensation insurance.
• Providing a one year warranty on all work.
• Providing a three year warranty against termites

Bobby Inc. constructs smaller entry level homes, kit homes and custom or luxury homes, ranging from 1,100 - 8,000 square feet in area and on lots from 10,000 square feet to more than three acres. To date, we have built more than 40 homes on the Big Island. It typically takes us six to seven months to build a home, from site preparation to the finished structure ready for occupancy.

In the continuing trend toward energy conservation and sustainability in home design, we try to make all homes we build as energy-efficient as possible. This includes using wall and ceiling/roof insulation, special roof shingles, duo pane windows, through-home ventilation, ceiling fans, solar and photovoltaic systems, and the use of Sola Tube natural lighting.

Bobby Inc. builds homes anyplace on the 4,000 square mile Big Island. Coastal sites, uplands, forested areas - anywhere you have decided on as the site for your dream home. We can help you get financing locally or refer you to lenders we work with; and we engage architects/draftsmen to draw and officially stamp your plans to meet the building code.

What We do for you in Building Your Home

In the construction process itself, we handle everything from the ground up - from foundation to finish. These include:
• Clearing / site preparation
• All foundation work
• Framing the structure
• Plumbing and electric (subcontracted under code)
• Interior drywall
• Floors
• Woodwork / Cabinets / doors / Finish carpentry
• Roofing
• Painting
• Landscaping
• Miscellaneous

Why Choose Bobby Inc.?

There is a wide spectrum of home contractors and how they will handle your building project. At Bobby Inc. , we are guided by one principal: listen to our customers. What do you want your dream home to be, what are your expectations about the building process, how can we best work together and what is important to you. For some customers, this will be their first time building a home, so we try to make the whole experience a positive one by guiding you through the many steps along the way (and yes, there are many!). Though quality is important, we believe the experience of building - a positive experience - is just as important. For customers who have experience building a home, we believe you will appreciate the east of working with us.

At Bobby, Inc., our guiding philosophy is providing remarkable customer service and meeting your needs at every turn along the way. We know that these days, a home project seems to involve almost endless decision-making. For BIH, no task is too small to personally help you with. Need assistance choosing a paint color for your walls? How about selecting hardware for your kitchen cabinets? Which style and color of flooring do you like? What windows do you want us to install? Is this wood trim attractive? And so on…. We'll be glad to try to help with these decisions and choices and much more. We want you to know that we care about your home project as much as you do.

So, take time to check our testimonials, read our FAQ's, look at our home photo portfolio and talk to Big Island building supply companies like Honsador and HPM, where we are on their preferred contractors list. And then give us a call to talk. We'll be happy to sit down with you to go over all your ideas and dreams for your home.