1. How much does your average home cost?
That primarily depends on the location and the plans. But if you are looking for an average, it’s about $125 per square foot.

2. What’s included in your prices?
I usually do turnkey projects, which means it includes everything: permits, grading, septic or cesspool, foundation, framing, plumbing and electric, sheetrock/drywall, windows, trim, cabinets, floor covering, roof, painting, appliances, light fixtures, etc. I have done numerous package or kit homes which also include everything as above.

3. Does your company do the work or do you have most of it done by subcontractors?
I do the majority of the work, except for plumbing, electric and drywall. For these, I find it’s more efficient to hire subcontractors because they are specialists in these trades and therefore more cost-effective.

4. Can your company help us design the home that I want?
Absolutely! I have several draftsmen and architects that I use regularly.

5. How do you feel about changes during construction?
I always try to accommodate our customers and I usually don’t charge – or I’ll try to keep the cost down as long as it’s a reasonable request.

6. Are you able to help me get financing?
Yes, I’ve been working with one particular company and I’ve had a great success rate. On some occasions I also use my own money interest-free for the construction part of the project – when it’s available. Ask us about it.

7. What is your time frame to build a three-bedroom, two-bath home?
An average home this size these days - about 1,500 square feet plus a 400-foot-square garage – would probably take six months from start to finish.

8. Are there any warranties?
Yes, I offer a one year guarantee on all materials and workmanship.

9. Are you able to help me build a “green” home?
Through an outside consultant – Woodbury Green Building Consultation – I am able to offer my customers Energy Star for Home Certification and Energy Modeling Services. These include specifically:
• Project registration with U.S. Green Building Council
• Design Facilitation
• Plan Reviewing and preliminary ratings
• Project and documentation management
• HERS testing and energy verification
• Green Building support and consultation
• LEED for homes certification

10. Are you able to do photovoltaic systems?
Yes, I have a licensed electrician on our team. In his own home, he says he pays no electric cost, except a small service charge.